What a year it has been… Life is full of ups and downs, and this year has definitely been a year with alot of bumps in the road. But without the downs, the ups wouldn’t mean anything. I been fighting through some bad days, and by fighting I have ernd some of the best days of my life. I have some of the best friends in the world, and my family is always by my side, no matter what stupid shit i’ve done. I love my friends and family so much, and I appreciate every moment I get with them. They mean everything. This year I have grown so much, I have learned to enjoy life, and don’t wish away days, waithing for better ones. I have learned to speak up, I wont lets anybody treat me with disrespect. But the biggest thing I have learned, is to finaly love myself, I have made peace with the mirror, and I have watch my reflection changed from a broken girl, to a confident woman. Im proud. Im happy. Im loved. Im strong. And im so much more.

Happy New Year Everybody

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50 Random facts

1. I love cars and motorcycles . 2. I never had braces. 3. I never shut doors. 4. I have two tattoos, but I want ALOT more. 5. I broke my arm once. 6. I have a scar on my cheek, and I hate it. 7. I freaking love animals. 8. I dont eat meat. 9. I’m always right. 10. I love art, and being creative. 11. i’m a bit insecure. 12. I have a lot of OCD’s with my food. 13. i’m a bad looser. 14. I don’t read books. 15. I don’t like loud/obnoxious people. 16. I keep my feelings for myself. 17. i’m scared of heights and spiders. 18. I like being alone at times. 19.I love to dance. 20. I LOVE soccer. 21. I can’t sing. 22. I had an amazing childhood. 23. I love memories. 24. I love the smell of strawberries, coconut, and vanilla. 25. I love to sleep, and be lazy. 26.I love makeup and fashion. 27.When i was a kid i was a biig Spice Girls fan. 28. New bed sheets are just the best thing never. 29. I love cartoons. 30.I’m a shopaholic 31. My favorite movie is pulp fiction 32. I love interior design 33. Space fascinates me 34. I don’t like onions. 35. I bruise easily 36. I never had a nosebleed. 37. I can’t whistle. 38. I’m bad at telling jokes. 39. I LOVE roller coasters. 40. i’m a bit clumsy. 41. I love christmas. 42. I don’t like to run. 43. I can’t play any instruments. 44. I think penguins are hilarious 45. My family and friends means everything to me. 46. I hate drama. 47. I stress out easily. 48. I don’t like flying. 49. I forget easily. 50. i’m messy.

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