International Break

We all know that the International break almost ALWAYS equals some injured players! – and that’s why most of us don’t like it. United have 11 players representing their nations this break; David de Gea, Sergio Romero, Eric Bailly, Victor Lindelof, Fred, Paul Pogba, Scott McTominay, Fellaini, Marcus Rashford, Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku. And before the Internationals even has startet, Manchester United have had a number of injury worries. On monday, Luke Shaw picked up a knock and will be returning to Carrington for treatement, so yeah, he has obviously been withdrawn form the England squad. And I also read that Nemanja Matic will not be joining with his teammates in Serbia, beacuse he has a back injury, and he will be undergoing an MRI scan to figure out the nature of his back injury, and some reports have even claimed that he might not be ready for the game against Chealsea on October 20. As the case last month, all of the European nations will be competing in the UEFA Nations League between October 11 and 16, while the further-afield countries will be involved in friendlies during the same period. I just hope that all our 11 players playing will come through unharmed, and that they will be ready for our huge clash agaist Chelsea. We need them ! Down below are the dates, if you wanna follow our squad at the International break :

Iraq v Argentina (Romero) 19:00 BST
Israel v Scotland (McTominay) 19:45 BST
Russia v Sweden (Lindelof) 19:45 BST
Wales v Spain (De Gea) 19:45 BST
France (Pogba) v Iceland 20:00 BST

Ivory Coast (Bailly) v Central African Republic 18:00 BST
Saudi Arabia v Brazil (Fred) 18:45 BST
Belgium (Fellaini, Lukaku) v Switzerland 19:45 BST
Croatia v England (Rashford) 19:45 BST

Peru v Chile (Alexis) 01:30 BST

Scotland (McTominay) v Portugal 17:00 BST

Spain (De Gea) England (Rashford) 19:45 BST

Central African Republic v Ivory Coast (Bailly) 15:00 BST
Brazil (Fred) Argentina (Romero) 18:45 BST
Belgium (Fellaini, Lukaku) v Netherlands 19:45 BST
France (Pogba) v Germany 19:45 BST
Sweden (Lindelof) v Slovakia 19:45 BST

Mexico v Chile (Alexis) 02:30 BST

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A Game With All Emotions

Angry, Sad, Shocked, Annoyed, Pissed, Hopeful, Excited, and finally at last; HAPPY ! -All different emotions I went through, in just 90 minutes. WHAT A GAME!!  I thought that Jose Mourhino’s days as manager might be numbered, when Newcastle in just 10 minutes had a lead with two goals. I was screaming at my screen; ATTACK, AND PLAY BLOODY FOOTBALL!!  The players were not working together as a team, and they did not show ANY will  WHAT SO EVER to win… It was a dreadful first half!!! I had tears rolling down my cheeks … And it could have been even worse for United. De Gea had an amazing save from Muto and Young was lucky not to concede a penalty for blocing a free-kick with his arm. We the Red Devils were not happy when the referee blew the whistle at 45 minutes. We were all speechless seeing our beloved team play THAT bad… And we could all clearly see the frustration on Mourhino and the players faces, as they walked down the tunnel. Fellaini said in an interview after the game; “Everyone was frustrated in the dressing room.” !! – and trust me I belive in that !! It must have been a horrible feeling at that point.

But second half was about to happend! -and it would change our moods from sad to very very happy. First Mata gave us hope with a sublime free kick in the 70th minute, and only six minutes later Pogba made a brilliant assist to Anthony Martial, who made the scored 2-2. At this time, I WAS BUZZING!! And Old Trafford was going ballistic!! WE NOW HADE A CHANCE to redeem ourselves, and show everybody what the Red Devils really are made of, and sooooo weeee did, with a 90th-minute header from Alexis Sanchez securing a great comeback win at Old Trafford. I was crying again, this time of happiness !! WE FUCKIG DID IT !!!  The passion was there again, and we bloody won !! It was a completely different team who stept on the field to play the second half ! The Red Devils were more focused, and determined to win, it seemed like the players wanted to show the fans that they have what it takes to win, and they want this as much as we do!! Congratz Boys ! It was a sublime night !!


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The Downfall of Jose Mourinho ?

I remember back in May 2016 when Jose Mourinho signed his contract with Mancherster United. I was sooo happy, and very excited. I thought that he would be the one, that would help our team succeed again, and we would have a good chance of winning the Premier Leauge once again. Everything was so hyped up about his arrivel! and for God’s sake, he is one of the greatest and most successful managers in the world, so what could go wrong, I asked myself ?… Well, apparently everything!!  This season so far, has been horrible. It has actually  been the worst start to a season in 29 years… Something has to change, nooooow ! There has been no excitement watching them play, what so ever!! It’s NOT the United we all grew up to love and cherish . It’s a disaster right now… WE the supporters, are getting more and more upset and frustrated, and we are in the right to feel that way .. We want our winning, and attacking team BACK !!  And there is no time to waste…  ooh Alex weee really miss you right now, please coooome help us. We need you!

This season seems to be filled with unnecessary drama, both on the pitch and in the dressing room! United have failed to beat teams like, Wolves, Derby and West Ham!!!! And there also seems to be some sort of fallout between Mourinho, and some of the players. We all know by now, that Mourhino is well known for criticising his players in public, and I don’t think the players like the way he somethimes knocks their confidence down, I think this does affect their performance, in a very very bad way. We all saw that tense exchange between Pogba and Mourhino, which was filmed at Carrington. It clearly lookes like there is a problem betweem them.. Antonio Valencia, also liked an Instagram post, calling for the manager to be sacked….. Although Valencia lather said, that he was sorry for liking the post, saying that he liked the post without reading the text to the picture. But anyways, It’s all UNNECESSARY DRAMA, that we don’t need at this point. We need to focus on playing better football. Attack, Attack, Attack. Win Win Win !! We need our fearfactor BACK !! The fans need to feel the passion to win again, from both the Players, and the manager. They need to show us that they care about the club, and that they are a unity, that works together. NO MORE DRAMA!! -Focus on what is inportant, becuase it kinda seems like some of our players, and Mourhino are not in the right headspace at the moment.

What do you guys think ? Do some of the players want Jose Mourinho to be sacked ? Or is it just the majority of the fans, who have had enough of him, and are now screaming on social media; JOSE OUT! ? I honesly don’t know what to think or feel anymore….It’s is heartbreaking.. I think that if we lose or its a draw agains Newcastle this weekend, at Old Trafford, it might be the end of Mourhino. This might be his last chance to redeem himself.  Manchester United have played 7 Premier League games so far this season, with only 3 wins, thats so so soooo bad…. Something needs to change, quick ! Jose Mourhino and the players need to sort things out, FAST, or someone is getting sacked for sure…

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I receive so many questions, on my snapchat and instagram, on a daily basis. I always try to answer them all, but sometimes answering the same question over and over again can be a bit ”stressfull”. Sooooo I have decided to answer, once and for all, all your most asked questions.

1: Where are you from :  Im from a place called the Faroe Island. I was born and raised there. But about 3 years ago, I moved to Copenhagen, which is in Denmark. Alot of you may not know where the Faroe Island is, you probably not even heard of it before. It is a very small Island between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, it is about halfway between Norway and Iceland. Only about 49.000 people live there. The climate is very rough, windy, wet and cloudy. But in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. So if you are more interested in knowing more about the Faroes, I would recommend you google it, and you will see some amazing pictures of where im from.

2: How old are you : I am 25 years old. I was born on the 15. february in 1992.

3: Are you singleWho knows… mabey… mabey not. I like this question to be unanswerd.

4: What do you do for a livingIm studying at university.

5: What does your tattoo on your back mean, and do you have more tattoos ? : The two tigers on my back, are a traditional thai tattoo. The tigers symbolizes strength and power… nothing gets in the way of the Tiger due to its fearlessness and strength. Not only will the tattoo help bring strength, power and fearlessness, but it will also help drive away evil spirits. I do also have another tattoo around my wrist. Its a text, saying ”tomorrow is a mystery”. For me it just a small reminder to live my life, everyday! You never know whats gonna happen tomorrow.

 6: Why do you support manchester united : I support them, cuz in my opinion, it’s without a doubt the best team in the world. Simple as that. Once a red, always a red. I love their winning mentality, and the players loyalty and total devotion to the club, in any circumstances. I have nerver and I will never support any other club. Manchester United till i die.

7: Who is your Favorit Manchester United Player : I get this question alot, almost everyday i think. And it’s a hard question to answer. I have alot of players that i really like, both current players and past. So to choose one is to hard, impossible in my opinion.

 8: How long have you supported Manchester united : I don’t really remember how long, but it has been a couple of years now.

9: Are you really watching the games ? Hell yeah I am… Every game. It’s the best thing i know! Im not posting pictures of me wearing football shirts to get attention, I know you guys love it when I post those pictures, but im doing it beacuse I love wearing them, I feel good in them. And girls can watch football too, and love it as much as boys do.

10: Do you send nudes ? No. Simple as that…. If I dont know you, it’s never gonna happen. So don’t bother asking again :

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A coulpe of weeks ago, I was chosen by the Danish boys magazine called, M!, as their monthly crush. I have done photos with them before, so this was my third time taking pictures with/for them. The pictures where taken in my own appartment, by the amazing photographer, Mikkel laumann. Mikkel only used natural lighting, so no ”set up” was used.  Hair, makeup and ”styling” was done my myself. I really loved doing this photo series for M! They gave me the opportunity to really me myself, and choose how I wanted the pictures to end up looking like. They even let me where my United shirt, so I was really pleased with that, haha 😉  But yeh, i hope you like the pictures, I had an amazing day shooting them !! So enjoy my friends, talk to you soon.

Link to the interview i did with M! –>


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