I receive so many questions, on my snapchat and instagram, on a daily basis. I always try to answer them all, but sometimes answering the same question over and over again can be a bit ”stressfull”. Sooooo I have decided to answer, once and for all, all your most asked questions.

1: Where are you from :  Im from a place called the Faroe Island. I was born and raised there. But about 3 years ago, I moved to Copenhagen, which is in Denmark. Alot of you may not know where the Faroe Island is, you probably not even heard of it before. It is a very small Island between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, it is about halfway between Norway and Iceland. Only about 49.000 people live there. The climate is very rough, windy, wet and cloudy. But in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. So if you are more interested in knowing more about the Faroes, I would recommend you google it, and you will see some amazing pictures of where im from.

2: How old are you : I am 25 years old. I was born on the 15. february in 1992.

3: Are you singleWho knows… mabey… mabey not. I like this question to be unanswerd.

4: What do you do for a livingIm studying at university.

5: What does your tattoo on your back mean, and do you have more tattoos ? : The two tigers on my back, are a traditional thai tattoo. The tigers symbolizes strength and power… nothing gets in the way of the Tiger due to its fearlessness and strength. Not only will the tattoo help bring strength, power and fearlessness, but it will also help drive away evil spirits. I do also have another tattoo around my wrist. Its a text, saying ”tomorrow is a mystery”. For me it just a small reminder to live my life, everyday! You never know whats gonna happen tomorrow.

 6: Why do you support manchester united : I support them, cuz in my opinion, it’s without a doubt the best team in the world. Simple as that. Once a red, always a red. I love their winning mentality, and the players loyalty and total devotion to the club, in any circumstances. I have nerver and I will never support any other club. Manchester United till i die.

7: Who is your Favorit Manchester United Player : I get this question alot, almost everyday i think. And it’s a hard question to answer. I have alot of players that i really like, both current players and past. So to choose one is to hard, impossible in my opinion.

 8: How long have you supported Manchester united : I don’t really remember how long, but it has been a couple of years now.

9: Are you really watching the games ? Hell yeah I am… Every game. It’s the best thing i know! Im not posting pictures of me wearing football shirts to get attention, I know you guys love it when I post those pictures, but im doing it beacuse I love wearing them, I feel good in them. And girls can watch football too, and love it as much as boys do.

10: Do you send nudes ? No. Simple as that…. If I dont know you, it’s never gonna happen. So don’t bother asking again 🙂

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A coulpe of weeks ago, I was chosen by the Danish boys magazine called, M!, as their monthly crush. I have done photos with them before, so this was my third time taking pictures with/for them. The pictures where taken in my own appartment, by the amazing photographer, Mikkel laumann. Mikkel only used natural lighting, so no ”set up” was used.  Hair, makeup and ”styling” was done my myself. I really loved doing this photo series for M! They gave me the opportunity to really me myself, and choose how I wanted the pictures to end up looking like. They even let me where my United shirt, so I was really pleased with that, haha 😉  But yeh, i hope you like the pictures, I had an amazing day shooting them !! So enjoy my friends, talk to you soon.

Link to the interview i did with M! –>


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What a year it has been… Life is full of ups and downs, and this year has definitely been a year with alot of bumps in the road. But without the downs, the ups wouldn’t mean anything. I been fighting through some bad days, and by fighting I have ernd some of the best days of my life. I have some of the best friends in the world, and my family is always by my side, no matter what stupid shit i’ve done. I love my friends and family so much, and I appreciate every moment I get with them. They mean everything. This year I have grown so much, I have learned to enjoy life, and don’t wish away days, waithing for better ones. I have learned to speak up, I wont lets anybody treat me with disrespect. But the biggest thing I have learned, is to finaly love myself, I have made peace with the mirror, and I have watch my reflection changed from a broken girl, to a confident woman. Im proud. Im happy. Im loved. Im strong. And im so much more.

Happy New Year Everybody

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